Visions and missions

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Visions and missions

Publication history[ edit ] Editor Stan Lee and writer Roy Thomas decided to add a new team member to the superhero-team series The Avengers. Thomas wanted to bring back the Golden Age Vision Aarkus but Lee was set on introducing an android member.

Thomas ultimately compromised by using a new, android Vision. Thomas wanted the character to be white as befitting his ghostly name, but printing limitations of the time would have rendered him colorless, with un-inked paper where his skin should be.

He settled on red as he did not want Vision to be green like the Hulk or blue like the Atlanteans. Thomas recounted, "I felt that a romance of some sort would help the character development in The Avengers, and the Vision was a prime candidate because he appeared only in that mag So they became a pair, for just such practical considerations.

It was finally followed up in The Avengers — This was followed by a second volume numbered 1—12 Oct. The story had the Vision's memory and human brain patterns wiped out, severed his relationship with his wife, revealed their children to be essentially imaginary constructs, and included a two-page spread showing a dismantled Vision.

Journalist Karen Walker later commented, "This image alone has probably done more to shape how future writers and readers perceive the character than anything before or since. Nearly a decade after that came a second four-issue volume Oct. The series Young Avengerswhich ran 12 issues from April to Augustintroduced a new Visionwho is a combination of the synthezoid Vision's program files and the armor and mental engrams of the hero Iron Lad.

Vision appeared as a regular character in the — Avengers series, from issue 19 January through its final issue 34 January The Vision again appeared in a solo series, Vision, with 1 that started in November and ended with 12 in October Fictional character biography[ edit ] Debut of the Silver Age Vision: The Avengers 57 Oct.

Cover pencils by John Buscema. Ultron sends his new servant to lead the Avengers into a trap. The Wasp is the first to encounter the synthezoid, and describes it as a "vision" while trying to escape.

Adopting the name, the Vision is convinced by the Avengers to turn against Ultron. This was part of his plan to nurture a relationship for the Scarlet Witch that would prevent her from having any children, as her power level meant that any offspring she might have could threaten the cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe.

He eventually regains control of his body and becomes team leader. The Avengers recover the parts, and Dr. Pym rebuilds the Vision, but with a chalk-white complexion. However, the revived Simon Williams does not allow his brain patterns to be used again to provide a matrix for Vision's emotions, explaining that the original process, done without his consent, had "ripped out his soul".

This, along with damage to the Vision's synthetic skin when he was dismantled, results in the synthezoid's resurrection as a colorless and emotionless artificial human. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch's children are then revealed to be fragments of the soul of the demon Mephistowho had been broken apart by Franklin Richards shortly before the birth of the twins.

The twins are absorbed back into Mephisto, which temporarily drives Wanda insane. Although she recovers, Wanda and the Vision separate, each operating on a different Avengers team. In addition, Simon Williams' brain patterns gradually reemerge and meld with Lipton's patterns, restoring the Vision's full capacity for emotion.

Remaining a member of the Avengers, he briefly becomes romantically involved with teammates Carol Danvers a. Marvel and Mantis before attempting again to reconcile with the Scarlet Witch. This causes a series of catastrophic events that includes the Vision crashing an Avengers Quinjet into Avengers Mansion.

The Vision advises his teammates that he is no longer in control of his body, and then expels several spheres that form into five Ultrons.

The Avengers destroy them, and an enraged She-Hulk tears apart the remains of the Vision, having been driven to a breaking point by the rapid slew of attacks against the Avengers.

Visions and missions

The Avengers later believed that Ultron may have put a command in the Vision that would have been activated by the Avengers' Code White alert during one of the many periods in which Vision was held prisoner by Ultron, though it was later revealed that Dr.

Doom forced Scarlet Witch to send Vision against her teammates. He then goes to Utopia to confront Magnetothreatening Magneto to tell him where Wanda is. Magneto uses his powers to subdue the Vision but spares him, saying he believes Wanda still cares for the Vision and that Magneto does not want to hurt her more.Article by Sigmund Edland about missions in Madagascar at the end of the 19th century.

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Visions and missions

All materials are . The following Slideshare presentation by Alar Kolk — Visions & Missions of Fortune Global — includes the vision and mission statements of companies in the Fortune Which comes first?

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Through the adherence of these values, the members of the department can work toward successful completion of the department’s mission and subsequently achieve the department’s annual goal.

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