Systhesis amphetamine

Heagy, personal communication, from information gathered by attending clandestine laboratory sites. Heterogenous Catalysis The role of heterogenous catalytic hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis in organic synthesis is replete in the literature. Recent research in this area has shown that a system charged with H2 and D2 in the prescense of a catalyst yields HD.

Systhesis amphetamine

Let sit till cool. Then put the foil in ml of dH Add 50mg of Mercuric Chloride, and stir. After minutes u will see grey sludges in the jar, that means the amalgam has started. Wait 10 more minutes, then wash the aluminum 3 times with water to get rid of all the mercuric chloride.

Wait minutes the solution will turn grey. Add the P2NP solution and stir.

A Synthesis of Amphetamine

After minutes the reaction will start goin good. Let the flask stay for minutes. In this time the solution will boil, so u need to have some kind of condenser on top, if u cant get a real condenser which u shouldthen ill post a pic of a ghetto implementation.

When the reaction is over put on hotplate and reflux for about an hour. You really should get a condenser for this, they are cheap and will last forever.

You can skip the reflux but the yield wont be as good.

Systhesis amphetamine

After 45 minutes the stuff will start to look a little pink. While the solution is cooling, in a seperate glass container mix 50g of sodium hydroxide and 50ml of water and stir to make sure it mixes well.

Put in freezer until its not hot anymore. When both solutions are cool, slowly add the sodium hydroxide solution to the reaction mix. You DONT want to do it too fast because it will react violently and might jump out of the flask. So add slowly and stir after each addition. When done adding there will be 2 layers.

Use a pipette and suck up the top layer. Put this in seperate glass.

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Combine the 3 pulls together. Now this has our Amphetamine freebase.

Systhesis amphetamine

Now we need to convert the Amphetamine freebase into Amphetamine Sulphate. You will begin to see the Amphetamine Sulphate crystallize out of solution. When done adding the solution, setup a coffee filter inside a funnel.

Pour the Amphetamine solution into the filter. Do a recrystallization to get pure white Amphetamine Sulphate.In the course of the authors' educational program in pharmacochemsitry, literature research was performed on the synthesis of amphetamine and pervitin. They share a procedure for these synthesis.

Amphetamine Synthesis very easy. I wanted to post this because its extremely easy, if one can get there hands on P2NP (PhenylNitroproene) and Mercuric Chloride (HgCl2) which are both available if u know where to look, then u can make tons of Amphetamine very easily!

the product of . Review: Synthetic Methods for Amphetamine A.

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Allen1 and R. Ely2 1Array BioPharma Inc., Boulder, Colorado 2Drug Enforcement Administration, San Francisco, CA Abstract: This review focuses on synthesis of amphetamine.

The chemistry of these. Amphetamine Sulphate Synthesis - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.4/4(29). Within the synthesis of amphetamine, these stereoselective transformations have taken the form of organometallic reactions, enzymatic reactions, ring openings, - aminooxylations, alkylations and amination reactions.

Amphetamine can be obtained in a 30% yield in a one step synthesis by refluxing phenylacetone in ethanol with ammonia, aluminium grit, and a small quantity of mercuric chloride.

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