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Strange place

She covers the world of human and animal behavior, as well as paleontology and other science topics. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of South Carolina and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has ducked under a glacier in Switzerland and poked hot lava with a stick in Hawaii.

Stephanie hails from East Tennessee, the global center for salamander diversity. But is Strange place actually strange at all? This military based is about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Its claim to fame is that it's supposedly the top-secret site where alien bodies and technology were taken after a UFO crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico in While it's true the military base is secretive most military bases aremany of the conspiracy claims surrounding Area 51 have been thoroughly debunked.

The Bermuda triangle is said to gobble up ships and airplanes without a trace. Slight problem with the legend: Most of the "mysterious disappearances" cited by believers weren't mysterious at all, but occurred during storms or didn't even sink within the triangle's borders.

Bermuda Triangle ] The Lost City of Atlantis Can it be one of the weirdest places on Earth if no one knows where it is and it's actually just a legend? Let's go with yes — after all, many people are convinced that there really was a peaceful utopia that sunk beneath the sea in time immemorial, and they've tried to pinpoint it in spots all over the world.

Even Google Earth once fed the legend with a data glitch that created a gridlike pattern on the ocean floor. Keen-eyed observers speculated that it might be the lost streets of Atlantis. Dan Breckwoldt Shutterstock The trio of pyramids at Giza is so familiar that it can be easy to forget how unusual they really are.

Khufu's pyramid remained the tallest building in the world until the 14th century, when England's Lincoln Cathedral took the record.

The Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

Plenty of mystery remains about how ancient builders constructed the huge pyramids out of 2. These enormous geoglyphs in arid coastal Peru depict spiders, monkeys, plants and other figures. They date back to about B. No one knows why the prehistoric Nazca culture went through the effort of making the geoglyphs, though they may have had a ritual role or linked up to constellations in the sky.

Serg Zastavkin Shutterstock Beautiful Loch Ness would be notable even without the monster sightings that made it a global name. The lake, which is in the Scottish Highlands, is the largest Scottish loch by volume.

It gets as deep as feet m and has a surface area of Perhaps this mammoth size is part of what led to rumors of a mammoth beast lurking in the lake. The Loch Ness Monster first made headlines in in an article that suggested a disturbance in the lake's surface may have been a fight between ducks.

It was enough to spur rumors, however, especially when a supposed photograph of a long-necked lake monster came out in Decades later, the photographer admitted the famous photo was a hoax. MPanchenkoShutterstock What was the purpose of this ancient icon?

Salar De Uyuni in the Potosí and Oruro departments In the summer the water of the lake evaporates and small mineral pools are left behind, each one different in colour to the next.

A winter solstice monument? A UFO landing site? Okay, it's probably not that last one.

May 12, | A Strange Mystery | Strange Places Boleskine House is a manor on the south-east side of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is notable for having been the home of author and occultist Aleister Crowley, and . Hellboy: Strange Places is the sixth trade paperback collection in the Hellboy series created by Mike Mignola published by Dark Horse Comics on April 26, which collects the mini-series The Third Wish and The Island featuring fictional paranormal detective Hellboy. Nov 02,  · Chateau: Strange - See traveler reviews, 46 candid photos, and great deals for Kharkiv, Ukraine, at TripAdvisor. it is situated in the heart of the city of the summer, "Chateau" is surrounded with green trees and flowers. The atmosphere of the restaurant is incredibly comfortable and comfortable wicker TripAdvisor reviews.

But Stonehenge's purpose does remain a mystery. The farmers and herders who built the structure starting 5, years ago continued to add to it over a period of years. They left no written records behind, only a circle of striking stones near what is today Salisbury, England. Stonehenge's Mystery ] Easter Island Credit: Image via Shutterstock The giant carvings on Easter Island are up to 40 feet tall.Thursday 18 October Elle Exxe The Social, London View Details Get Tickets.

© Strange Place Concerts A favorite place for deep sea divers, and definitely one of the most mysterious places on earth underwater. Image Source Must Read: 20 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations Not Meant For Ordinary Couples. A STRANGE PLACE.

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Strange place

It was developed primarily as a booklet for men with no access to the Internet, and is a useful source of basic information. This Strange Place is a project album featuring members of Celtic rock band Wolfstone. Originally released in under the name and artist credit of Drever-Mackenzie, it was soon erroneously reissued as a Wolfstone recording with the new title This Strange Place, Genre: Celtic rock.

May 25,  · James Caan says society is in a strange place because it's nature's way that men and women are supposed to be attracted to each other. We got the movie legend Thursday night in WeHo leaving.

May 12, | A Strange Mystery | Strange Places Boleskine House is a manor on the south-east side of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is notable for having been the home of author and occultist Aleister Crowley, and .

19 Strange Places Around The World. The World Is A Weird Place.