Reader response to death by landscape

The novel is an inherently dramatic medium and for a writer who has little interest in drama the novel can be an especial crapshoot. She is not interested in the minutiae of human drama and her book suffers for lack of it.

Reader response to death by landscape

The story draws us into her past where she recalls her going to the Camp Manitou, which is set in wilderness. She initially dislikes camp and everything about it, but gradually settles in.

She makes good friends with Lucy who disappears later. The story follows a theme of loss and isolation. The theme of loss is presented to us by the setting of the story.

The mood is set by the introductory line which states that her kids have grown and Rob her husband is dead.

Reader response to death by landscape

Text suggests that Lois was an only child of her parents and had no siblings. Loss of husband, siblings, kids and her best friend Lucy provides an ideal setting for her to be lonely and alone. Her apartment has a huge window that has a view of Lake Ontario.

Her life is as empty as the grey lake and her heart is like the glass which stands in the way of her enjoying the wind. Inside her apartment, she has put up her several paintings of wilderness. All her paintings are of trees, islands, more islands and rivers and lakes.

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After the incident, Lois had developed a fear of wilderness but she anyway buys art that is full of it. The paintings remind her of her loss, making her uneasy which is a very masochistic approach towards life.

Implicitly, the author is trying to suggest that money cannot buy happiness or fill the gaps in human hearts, because even though Lois has money, she is alone and unhappy. Her thoughts about her family are devoid of all emotion.

This shows her fixture with the tragedy that had happened and that she never could achieve closure. The author has left this on the readers to decide if the landscape had killed Lucy or Lois.

Even though Lois continues to live she regrets it because she blames herself for it. As shown in the previous paragraphs we see her uninterested attitude towards life.

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The title of the story suggests that the author is reminding us that the wilderness is a dangerous place where lives can be lost by mere accident or misadventure. The story starts with her sitting in her apartment where she begins reminiscing her camp days.Death by Landscape.

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Near-death studies is a field of psychology and psychiatry that studies the physiology, phenomenology and after-effects of the near-death experience (NDE).

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Death by Landscape Margaret Atwood by on Prezi She spends time admiring the paintings, yet they do not fill her with peace. On the contrary, the paintings show landscapes that make her very uneasy.
Contributor Archives Original in Danish, translated to English by Karl. I went to a peaceful place.

Reader Response to Death by Landscape Essay ENGW03 “ Death by Landscape ” by Margaret Atwood 23 January Reading Response 1 “ Death by Landscape ” by Margaret Atwood is a short story about a trauma that had a tremendous effect on the life of a young girl named Lois.

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