Oral communication essay


Oral communication essay

The importance of oral communication should be no different than the necessity of math, reading, or writing. Oral communication by definition is communication by word of mouth. Children must be confident in their speaking abilities because many careers require this skill.

Schools must reconsider how important it is to promote oral communication, examine why it has been limited in schools, and learn how to teach it more effectively. Oral communication skills are a necessity that every child will need as an adult.

Oral communication is an important skill because it promotes leadership and confidence. When children are confident in their abilities they will succeed academically and socially. It is important for students to generate their own ideas using outside references in the community Joseph and Efron, pg Oftentimes some students have trouble making friends.

If they can learn to be more confident in their speaking abilities they will be more likely to approach their peers.

Essay on Communication The word communication has many ramifications. It is basically a process of interaction with the people and their environment.
Access denied | leslutinsduphoenix.com used Cloudflare to restrict access Communication Foreword Oral communication help students to improve their self, it fulfills a number of general and discipline-specific pedagogical functions.
Popular Topics It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct conversation or telephonic conversation. Speeches, presentations, discussions are all forms of oral communication.
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On the other hand, when students feel comfortable expressing their ideas in front of people they will most likely contribute more to class discussions. Teachers always have difficulty with getting their students to participate constructively, so if the teacher spends more time teaching their students how to talk and respond coherently children will be more likely to contribute.

This feeling of confidence and increased leadership abilities will benefit the entire class because discussions will become more in depth and student generated.

If students feel less apprehension about speaking in public they will be more likely to express their ideas. When oral communication is learned and perfected in students their success rate in academics will escalate especially when they are required to formulate ideas quickly in writing.

Oral communication skills have been reduced in schools because the emphasis is on subjects in standardized testing. Schools are focusing on areas that they are expected to teach, but not on other areas a student will need to succeed. Standardized testing is a way for schools to measure math, reading, writing, and science.

But often the tests overlook other skills that children will need as adults. Also, teachers are getting classrooms with a teacher to student ratio way over what it should be.

So when teachers do not have enough time to cover the basic academics that are required on standardized tests there is even less time devoted to other skills such as oral communication.

This is exactly how Megan Brownlee felt because instead of teaching her class the required curriculum she was forced to focus on the standardized tests for the week Megan Brownlee, pg 6.

Another issue is that diversity and bilingual students are growing in schools.

Essay on Communication

When there are language barriers it is much harder for teachers to inspire their bilingual students because they already feel apprehensive using the English language. What teachers need to realize is the impact they can have on bilingual student with barriers to overcome Nieto, pg 3.

On top of these issues there is a lack of resources which makes it even more difficult to teach kids about oral communication. Teacher accessibility to textbooks and other resources for their classes is getting more difficult Hammond, pg 1. In order for schools to see student performance increase, a shift in how resources are used must take effect Miles, pg2.

If teachers do not have enough resources to make activities beneficial for their students no new information will be learned. There are many ways that teachers can inspire oral communication.

By inspiring students teachers will find that the children learn more because they are actively involved and enjoying the activity at the same time.

For example, Marsha Warren had her class read aloud when they were going over the lesson material Marsha Warren, pg 1. Some suggestions for activities include debates, class plays or skits, presenting projects, or class share.

Debates are beneficial because the class can divide up and logically and in an organized manner debate issues they feel strongly about. When children can talk about topics they know in front of people it inspires them to speak more. Another thing debates inspire is patience, when one person is trying to talk others must learn to yield and wait their turn.

By communicating in this way not only are children perfecting their public speaking skills but are learning to interpret social cues from their classmates. Projects are an activity teachers should utilize more often. To have the child learn the information and tell the class that way is also beneficial.

The child will feel like the area they researched is an area of expertise for them. When children learn new information they are often eager to tell others what they have learned. Lastly teachers can perform plays and skits with their students while covering class material and requirements Strahan, pg2.

Children performing and having to recite lines helps them become comfortable in front of an audience. Performing, debating, teaching, and sharing are all ways students can become comfortable with talking.Oral communication is the process of expressing information or ideas by word of mouth.

Learn more about the types and benefits of oral. Informative Essay Example: Oral Communication Most of the time were using oral communication, while primarily referring to is spoken verbal communication, typically relies on words, visual aids and non-verbal element to support the conveyance of the meaning.

Essay Oral Vs. Written Communication - In our English class we had to tell an embarrassing story orally to the entire class. We then made transcripts of our oral story and wrote a descriptive version.

Both versions were significantly different from each other in many ways. Our study is on the differences between oral and written communication.

Essay on Communication. Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: It can be either oral or written.

Oral communication essay

Hence, speaking, listening, reading, or writing are all classified under verbal communication. Since this type of communication elicits immediate feedback, in organizations, we make extensive use of verbal communication.

INTRODUCTION. Making a business or social speech is more than just standing up and ‘saying a few words’. Experience has shown that the importance of oral presentations, especially in the business world, cannot be underestimated.

The English Oral Communication English Language Essay. This part of this study gave more insights of the study in terms of backgrounds and related research.

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