Open door policy with china essay

Before the collapse of international trade that followed the onset of the Great DepressionChina's share of world trade and its ratio of foreign trade to GDP achieved levels that were not regained for over sixty years.

Open door policy with china essay

Open Door Policy - Meaning and its Advantages Open Door Policy - Meaning and its Advantages An organization is a setup where individuals from diverse backgrounds, different educational qualifications, varied mentalities and temperaments join hands to work towards a common goal.

It is the culture of the workplace which unites all the employees, help them enjoy their work and deliver their level best. The values, policies, ideologies and beliefs of an organization form its culture.

The culture of any work place decides the way employees behave with their fellow workers.


The employees are the assets of an organization who must contribute effectively to achieve the targets within the desired time frame. One should not treat his organization as a mere source of earning money. It is essential for an individual to prioritize his work over other things. The employees must have a cordial relation with their superiors and the management for smooth flow of information and better understanding at workplace.

Transparency is essential at all levels in the hierarchy to avoid conflicts and unnecessary disagreements.

Open door policy with china essay

No one should feel neglected at work. Problems arise when queries remain unattended and bosses do not have time for their team members. According to open door policy, the doors of the offices of superiors or the management including the CEO must remain open for the employees to have an easy access in cases of queries.

The team members should have the liberty to walk up to their team leaders and discuss issues with them on an open forum. The role of the managing director, chief executive officer or the chairman is not just to sit in locked cabins the entire day and shout on the employees; instead they should act as a strong pillar of support for them.

A healthy interaction amongst the employees is essential for a positive ambience at the workplace. The management must address the employees from time to time to motivate them and expect the best out of them.

Advantages of an Open Door Policy Open door policy encourages effective communication between the employee and the management. The employees do not feel left out at the workplace as they know there is someone to support them always at the time of crisis.

Open door policy with china essay

This way they get attached to the management and are always loyal towards the organization. There is no room for confusion when the employees directly interact with their superiors.

Wasting Management's Time

They feel motivated and strive hard to live up to the expectations of the management. They never badmouth the management or their organization. Open door policy encourages healthy discussion at the workplace.

Individuals exchange ideas and come to an innovative solution benefitting all. The employees are free to discuss their ideas with the superiors and gain from their talent and mentoring.

Gone are the days when people used to fear their bosses. The management must respect the decisions of the employees to expect the same in return. The management must make the employees feel indispensable for the organization and should lend a sympathetic ear whenever required.

Open door policy is essential for effective communication, proper feedbacks and better output. With the help of the open door policy, the employees do not crib amongst themselves, rather talk to their superiors, clear all their doubts and look forward towards a long term association with the organization.Free Essays on America s Open Door Policy With China Beginning In Get help with your writing.

1 through The Open Door policy stimulated trade and maintained the influence of foreign powers in China. China'S New Rules Open Door To Amway, Avon, Others Essays: Over , China'S New Rules Open Door To Amway, Avon, Others Essays, China'S New Rules Open Door To Amway, Avon, Others Term Papers, China'S New Rules Open Door To Amway, Avon, Others Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED. Nov 22,  · An Amateur Evaluation of China's "Open Door" Policy I recently wrote a term essay for my PS Contemporary Chinese Politics module in response to the essay topic of: "Based on the reforms launched by Deng and his supporters and successors, discuss the pros & cons of China’s ‘open-door’ policy"; thought that I will reproduce it here for.

The open door policy Essay. The Open Door Policy is a concept in foreign affairs, initially used to refer to the United States policy in late 19th century and early 20th century that would grant multiple international powers with equal access to China, with none of them in total control of that country - The open door policy Essay introduction.

Open Door Policy to China All nations should have equal access to trade in China. Boxer Rebellion Chinese nationalists who were angered, rebelled, and fought against foreign involvement in China.

They lay siege to Beijing, where the foreigners lived.

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