Kids observation

Information from observation is useful in a number of ways: When observing a child, it is important to be willing to just sit and look and listen. Children show how they feel by the way they do things as well as by what they do. They communicate through their voices, postures, gestures, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

Kids observation

The Children's Butterfly Site

Original Composition by Adam age 15 A parent of a special ed student mailed to tell us that his son was able to concentrate for 15 minutes while composing a story at Kids' Space. Then his entire class Joined for fun learning experience on the net.

Kids' Space responded and created Classroom sections. Soon, many Home Schools joined for collaborating learning, and multi-grade classes at remote areas participated and found themselves globally communicating with other classrooms.

Click the icons to see the class sections. He mentioned Kids' Space and children's collaboration in C-Span cable channel. Kids' Space was introduced on newspapers, Magazines, TV shows, and radio programs. The new system in a closed environment was used by over 30, children and their parents, and 6, teachers from all over the world.

They enjoyed learning from each other, creating clubs and forums, and collaborating in school projects.

Kids observation

InKids' Space became Kids' Space Foundation, a c 3 not for profit organization as one of the first formations from an Internet-based volunteer group.

This was achieved from the support of people and organizations who cared about children and the Internet. These two were merged into "Children's Forum for the Future".Bridge Basics Get the spin on spans. The Bridge Challenge The city of Craggy Rock needs your help to build four new bridges.

Wonders of the World Databank.


USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards. The Scientific Method.

Enjoying simple science projects and experiments is a great way for kids to learn about science in a fun, interactive way.

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