Homeostatic imbalance paper on diabetes

Hire Writer These two responses of the organism to internal changes are part of negative feedback system that allows the body to return to a normal state.

Homeostatic imbalance paper on diabetes

Physiologic variation[ edit ] Leptin levels vary exponentially, not linearly, with fat mass. Leptin plays a critical role in the adaptive response to starvation. Mutant leptins[ edit ] All known leptin mutations except one are associated with low to undetectable immunoreactive leptin blood levels.

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The exception is a mutant leptin reported in January which is not functional, but is detected with standard immunoreactive methods. Leptin receptor and Energy expenditure A comparison of a mouse unable to produce leptin, resulting in obesityconstant hungerand lethargy leftand an active normal weight mouse right Predominantly, the "energy expenditure hormone" leptin is made by adipose cellsthus it is labeled fat cell-specific.

In the context of its effectsit is important to recognize that the short describing words direct, central, and primary are not used interchangeably. In regard to the hormone leptin, central vs peripheral refers to the hypothalamic portion of the brain vs non-hypothalamic location of action of leptin; direct vs indirect refers to whether there is no intermediary, or there is an intermediary in the mode of action of leptin; and primary vs secondary is an arbitrary description of a particular function of leptin.

The leptin receptor is found on a wide range of cell types. It is a single-transmembrane-domain type I cytokine receptor[74] a special class of cytokine receptors.

Further, leptin interacts with other hormones and energy regulators, indirectly mediating the effects of: Non-hypothalamic targets of leptin are referred to as peripheral targets. There is a different relative importance of central and peripheral leptin interactions under different physiologic states, and variations between species.

Outside the brain, in the periphery of the body, leptin's secondary functions are: Central nervous system[ edit ] In vertebrates, the nervous system consists of two main parts, the central nervous system CNS and the peripheral nervous system PNS.

The primary effect of leptins is in the hypothalamusa part of the central nervous system. Leptin receptors are expressed not only in the hypothalamus but also in other brain regions, particularly in the hippocampus. Thus some leptin receptors in the brain are classified as central hypothalamic and some as peripheral non-hypothalamic.

Homeostatic imbalance paper on diabetes

As scientifically known so far, the general effects of leptin in the central nervous system are: Deficiency of leptin has been shown to alter brain proteins and neuronal functions of obese mice which can be restored by leptin injection. Generally, leptin is thought to enter the brain at the choroid plexuswhere the intense expression of a form of leptin receptor molecule could act as a transport mechanism.

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The absence of leptin or its receptor leads to uncontrolled hunger and resulting obesity. Fasting or following a very-low-calorie diet lowers leptin levels.

Leptin signals to the hypothalamus which produces a feeling of satiety. Moreover, leptin signals may make it easier for people to resist the temptation of foods high in calories.

The NPY neurons are a key element in the regulation of hunger; small doses of NPY injected into the brains of experimental animals stimulates feeding, while selective destruction of the NPY neurons in mice causes them to become anorexic.Aug 17,  · Diabetes is an example of a disorder caused by a homeostatic imbalance.

The inefficiencies in homeostatic balance caused by the aging process are the main culprit in the decreased ability of a person to perform physical activity.

Two extremely common examples of homeostatic imbalance are hypertension and diabetes. Hypertension, high blood pressure, is a condition in which the force exerted by blood as it presses against the walls of the blood .

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I have written about diabetes quite a few times. Thus far, I must admit, I have kept the discussion relatively conventional. Anyone who has read my previous blogs may not think so, but compared to what I really believe, everything has taken place close to the middle ground.

Homeostasis - Diabetes Self-Management