Essay on cleanness

Here is yet another essay of mine. The topic is "Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such as forests, animals, or clean water. Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved. All organisms on Earth somehow depend on water.

Essay on cleanness

The practice to clean everything is cleanliness. There are different types of cleanliness, the cleaning of clothes, the cleaning to house; the cleaning of streets, the cleaning of ourselves etc. We feel the importance of cleanliness only when we do practice of cleaning ourselves.

The practice of hand washing and bathing is necessary to keep ourselves clean.

Essay on cleanness

The person who keeps his self dirty, he also keeps his environment dirty and filthy. So to clean the environment, one should practice cleanliness by his own.

The cleaning of environment is very important. The environment is may be your home, your schoolor your office. Some people has habit to throw things on road, this is illegal and a hurdle for cleanliness.

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The cleaning environment puts healthy effects on our mind and body, while a dirty environment puts very bad affects on our health and mind. Almost all the diseases are caused by the infectious agents in the environment and these infectious agents are very active in dirty and filthy environments.

Many diseases like hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera, flu etc are caused by the dirty environments. Hepatitis is very dangerous disease and is usually transferred by the use of unsterilized instruments. Even some doctors do not care about cleanliness and throw the hospital waste near hospital or houses.

This carelessness is causing fatal diseases. All of us should clean our environment by throwing the garbage in some isolated place far away from the populated areas. There is a need to teach about the importance of cleanliness on national and international levels.

Keep the environment clean for yourself and for the nation.स्वच्छता पर निबंध (क्लीनलीनेस एस्से) You can find here some essays on Cleanliness in Hindi language for students in , , , , , and words. If we clean our bodies and limbs we will be free form many kinds of disease. Clean food cooked in the clean pot and served in the clean dishes, will give us health and happiness.

Oct 30,  · Essay: All organisms on Earth depend upon water.

Essay on cleanness

If the water consumed is adulterated, fatal changes may be the result for consuming organisms. Water is of great significance for people, since it is used for drinking and in cooking.

A household or workplace may be said to exhibit cleanliness, but not ordinarily purity; cleanliness also would be a characteristic of the people who maintain cleanness or prevent dirtying. On a practical level, cleanliness . All of us should clean our environment by throwing the garbage in some isolated place far away from the populated areas.

if we clean our homes then we should also clean our streets because we live there, and dirty streets impose bad . Cleanness (Middle English: Clannesse) is a Middle English alliterative poem written in the late 14th century. Its unknown author, designated the Pearl poet or Gawain poet, also appears, on the basis of dialect and stylistic evidence, to be the author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, and Patience, and may have also composed St.

Essay on Cleanliness for Children and Students