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Diesel vs gasoline

View Photo Gallery Capability Another merit diesel enthusiasts love to boast about is towing capacity. Interestingly, there is no clear winner here, at least as far as the numbers are concerned.

Diesel vs gasoline

Using the SEA J towing standard, Chevrolet rates the ball-hitch towing capacity of both the Duramax and the Vortec models we tested at an even 13, pounds. However, when trailering with a fifth-wheel, the Duramax takes a 3,pound advantage over the Vortec at 17, versus 14, pounds. As far as payload capacity is concerned among our testers, the Duramax wins with a rating of 2, pounds.

Order a HD without it, and payload actually jumps to 3, besting the Duramax by pounds. Both came with an integrated trailer-brake controller, but the Duramax also takes the advantage here with a standard exhaust brake.

The system closes off the exhaust by use of the variable-geometry, causing backpressure in the exhaust manifold and dynamically slowing down the engine without using the brakes—a serious advantage when trailering a heavy load down a hill.

You can imagine our reactions when our testing on the Vortec yielded As expected, though, the Duramax is the clear winner here, having achieved Yep, that is about 50 percent better fuel economy than the Vortec.

Fuel consumption differences will become even more apparent when hauling a heavy load. But here is where diesel hits its biggest objection: That can buy a lot of gasoline, even to make up for the loss of fuel economy.

So, which one is better? That is, until you step on the accelerator and discover how different these two beasts they are. At this point, you just need to determine your priorities and how deep your wallet is. Silverado HD Vortec V-8 average fuel economy of Both diesel engines and gasoline engines convert fuel into energy through a series of small explosions or combustions.

The major difference between diesel and gasoline is the way these explosions happen. For many people, gasoline and petroleum are virtually synonymous with one another, although there are, of course, clear differences.

In some places. Oct 22,  · As for gas vs. diesel, compare the torque ratings rather than HP. The diesels big advantage is that they tend to provide alot more torque in a smaller package. Considering hilly grades and off-road use, I think the diesel may be a better choice.

The diesel prices went up by over Rs. 5 yesterday.

Diesel vs. Gas

LPG prices were hiked a few months back. And petrol prices keep moving up and down. It is tough to make decision about which car/fuel . • Since service and fuel stations are common, gas is much more accessible and affordable than diesel. • Gas engines are also more resistant to cold weather than diesel engines.

• They have higher RPMs (about RPMs), allowing for a smoother, quieter ride with faster acceleration.

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Compression is much higher with a diesel engine ( to ) than a gasoline engine ( to ). Gasoline engines use lower compression ratios to avoid fuel auto ignition (engine knock).

Higher compression ratios lead to higher thermal efficiencies and better fuel economies.

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