Characters of biag ni lam ang

Recited and originally written in Iloko language, it is believed to be the work of many poets from various generations. At arounda blind Ilokano bard named Pedro Bucaneg put the epic poem into a written language.

Characters of biag ni lam ang

Biag ni Lam-ang Tagalog: The story was handed down orally for generations before it was written down around assumedly by a blind Ilokano bard named Pedro Bucaneg.

They had a son named Lam-ang. Before Lam-ang was born, Don Juan went to the mountains in order to punish a group of their Igorot enemies. While he was away, his son Lam-ang was born. It took four people to help Namongan give birth. As soon as the baby boy popped out, he spoke and asked that he be given the name Lam-ang.

He also chose his godparents and asked where his father was. After nine months of waiting for his father to return, Lam-ang decided he would go look for him.

During his exhausting journey, he decided to rest for awhile. Lam-ang was furious when he learned what had happened to his father. Upon returning to Nalbuan in triumph, he was bathed by women in the Amburayan river. There was a young woman named Ines Kannoyan whom Lam-ang wanted to woo.

She lived in Calanutian and he brought along his white rooster and gray dog to visit her. On the way, Lam-ang met his enemy Sumarang, another suitor of Ines whom he fought and readily defeated.

He had his rooster crow, which caused a nearby house to fall. This made Ines look out. He had his dog bark and in an instant the fallen house rose up again. The rooster expressed the love of Lam-ang. The parents agreed to a marriage with their daughter if Lam-ang would give them a dowry valued at double their wealth.

Lam-ang had no problem fulfilling this condition and he and Ines were married. It was a tradition to have a newly married man swim in the river for the rarang fish. Unfortunately, Lam-ang dove straight into the mouth of the water monster Berkakan.

His rooster crowed and his dog barked and slowly the bones started to move. Back alive, Lam-ang and his wife lived happily ever after with his white rooster and gray dog.Biag Ni Lam-Ang Comics.

Comics Strip. Biag Script. our script in philippine literature. Ni Santo Ni Mediocre. Ni más ni menos. Ni yanquis ni marxistas ¡Peronistas! Descripción: “Mejor que decir es hacer y mejor que prometer es realizar”, reza la máxima Justicialista.

Los gobiernos cipayos o. Biag ni Lam-ang (Archetypal Approach) The story deals with the extra ordinary adventures of a Philippine hero, Lam-ang. An adventure which was orally passed through generations.

View Biag ni Lam-ang script from ACCOUNTING BSA at St. Paul School Of Professional Studies. Don Juan and his wife Namungan lived in Nalbuan, now part of La Union in the Northern part of. 21st Century Literature. STUDY. PLAY.

Who are the characters of Biag Ni Lam -ang

Pre Colonial Literature. author of the epic Biag ni Lam-Ang. Folk Songs. oldest form of Philippine LIterature mirrored early forms of culture. Epigrams. Sawikain laws or rules on good behavior. -analysis of fictional characters. Sociological Criticism. Main Characters of the story Biag ni Lam-ang.

Lam-ang - the son of Don Juan and Namongan. Don Juan - the father of Lam-ang. Namongan - wife of Don Juan. Ines Kannoya n - wife of Lam-ang.

Continuation of:

Kasama ni Ines ang tandang at aso ni Lam-ang, kanilang dinasalan gabi-gabi ang mga buto ng asawa. Hanggang sa isang araw, si Lam-ang ay muling nabuhay. Mula noon ay namuhay sila ng masaya.

Characters of biag ni lam ang
LITERATURE : Biag ni Lam-ang ( Life of Lam-ang )