Bodega dreams thesis

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Bodega dreams thesis

Understanding Community Question One Willie Bodega had a complicated approach to community development. Many people considered him to have the Robin Hood type of community development.

In his own view of community development, Bodega used to help the poor in whatever they needed. He provided homes for them, gave them money and food for their survival. In order to get money and food to give to the needy people, Bodega used to sell drugs to the useless people Smith, This made Bodega look like a villain to many people.

Bodega dreams thesis

Additionally, Bodega used to give people on condition that they are loyal to him. Therefore, despite helping the needy people, Bodega had a dark side of selling drugs.

In this case, his approach of community development could be described as performing criminal activities in the aim of developing the living standards of the poor people Quinonez, Similar to Bodega, Pablo Escobar had almost the same approach to community development.

Escobar dedicated his life to helping the needy people at all times Grajeles, To do this, he needed to earn money.

Learn short answer essay questions english with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of short answer essay questions english flashcards on Quizlet. DESCRIPTION. Steps for Creating a Thesis Statement. PHA English department Grades A Thesis Statement is. Clear Insightful Specific Arguable/debatable and, its interesting. It's called "Bodega Dreams" because it's Willie Bodega's dream to fix up the neighborhood. I think that the book is also called "Bodega Dreams" because although it shows all the problems that Chino, the narrator, goes through, most of it revolves around Bodega's dream to fix up the neighborhood.

In order to earn this money, Escobar decided to sell drugs and take part of the money to the people where he could be able to help. On the other hand, he was one of the biggest drug lords and murderers in Colombia Grajeles, Escobar was being referred by the media and other people as a ruthless drug lord.

On the other hand, he was one of the people who made strides in helping the needy. He believed that what he said had to be done. This meant that whatever he promised to do, he must accomplish.

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However, he was different from Bodega in that he did help the poor people so that they could offer him their loyalty Grajeles, The two cannot be considered as heroes to their societies.

This is because the same people they were trying to help were also drug users. Offering people money and a roof on their head does not mean that the community has been developed.

Their living conditions may have improved, but with the drugs on the streets, it destroyed the economy.Women play a large role in the books Bodega Dreams and Dreaming in has just started a family and all of the sudden her family is swept up in the street life that she is trying to escape.

Research paper #4- Using quotes from the novel and critical sources to respond to Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quiñonez. Extra Help: I encourage my students to speak with me after class about any topics pertaining to our course of studies.

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