A description of the digital video express

After this period, the disc could be viewed by paying a continuation fee to play it for two more days. Viewers who wanted to watch a disc an unlimited number of times could convert the disc to a "DIVX silver" disc for an additional fee.

A description of the digital video express

Here is the statement of effective dates: Public accommodations with movie theater auditoriums showing digital movies on December 2, must comply with the rule's requirement to provide closed movie captioning and audio description in such auditoriums by June 2, If a public accommodation converts a movie theater auditorium from an analog projection system to a system that it allows it to show digital movies after December 2,the public accommodation must comply with the rule's requirement to provide closed movie captioning and audio description in such auditoriums by December 2,or within 6 months of that auditorium's complete installation of a digital projection system, whichever is later.

She emphasized how valuable audio description has been for her in the enjoyment and complete appreciation of movies. The Department of Justice proposal requiring movie theaters to install description and captioning equipment was addressed, too. You can view the 4 minute segment below click itread the article in printor click here for an audio version.

A description of the digital video express

He was featured in an article in the Boston Globe entitled, Devices give blind filmgoers Oscar-worthy experience. And an independent New Hampshire theater added accessible films for people with sight or A description of the digital video express impairment, while a Connecticut theater welcomes people with disabilities.

The Switch to Digital About ten years ago, movie theaters began converting from film projectors to digital, each with a server that processes and distributes the movie data, including audio description tracks. Each month, more and more movie theaters install one of these systems, making the audio description available to people who need it.

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With digital, everything movie, multiple sound tracks, and captioning are all delivered in something called the Digital Cinema Package DCPwhich any company can access through common standards, so the competition for equipment is increasing and the cost of installation is decreasing.

One DCP can server multiple screens in a movie house. While the DCP is currently a physical product a hard-driveeventually the data will be delivered to movie theaters via satellite. Sony has its own system which uses special glasses and earpieces.

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Typically a theater chain uses one system or the other in all of its cities. When glasses are plugged in, it puts the captioning on the glasses; when an earpiece is plugged in, the user hears audio description. These systems are being phased out and replaced by digital products not marketed by either company.

However, WGBH Media Access, as the dominant provider of movie description tracks over so faruses the term MoPix to cover the creation of the tracks, and they are very much in that business.

There are some real "good guys" in the history of making audio description tracks available, for example, AMC and Regal.

Cinemark, the third largest theater chain in the United States, engaged in a process called Structured Negotiations with its blind patrons and the California Council of the Blind inand now has audio description equipment in every first-run auditorium it operates in the country press release.

But other companies have often resisted offering description and captioning, even when the equipment was readily available to them through the conversion to digital. Availability of proper equipment and staff training have been a huge issue, and AMC reached a settlement in this regard in the spring of In latethe court ruled against Cinemark in a suit brought by a deaf-blind patron who wanted a tactile interpreter.

Read this great post on our Discussion List on how to maximize your chances for getting the correct equipment. Actiview is an app for iPhones or Android devices which provides audio description tracks for a growing number of movies.

It can be used in a movie theater so you don't have to worry about equipment failure or at home. Read this article about Actiview.


The following list of titles will be updated periodically and was last updated on November 19, These are all mentioned at the bottom of this page. How Many Films Are Described? WGBH Media Access tells us that "All major studios now caption and describe all wide released features and nearly all independent studios caption all releases.

It's tough to get the smaller, independent studios to fund description of either movies or DVDs. Historically, very few described DVDs were released, but that changed dramatically starting in late You will also find a huge number of described movies on iTunes.DIVX (Digital Video Express) was an unsuccessful attempt by Circuit City and the entertainment law firm Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca and Fischer to create an alternative to video rental in the United States.

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Digital Film Production: Job Duties & Career Info.

A description of the digital video express

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Last Updated: March 1, This Digital Video License Agreement (this "Agreement") contains the terms and conditions of (i) your use of the Amazon digital self-publication and distribution program (the "Program") for distribution of audio visual content via the digital video services operated by Amazon or its Affiliates and (ii) Amazon's use of such content.

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